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direct from manufacturer

did you know that white goods are handled no less than 17 times by as many as 5 different companies before they reach the consumer's home? Sounds ineffective and it is a waste of time and money. We’ve pioneered an innovative solution that allows direct vendor delivery to the consumer home. Additional it provides you as a customer with the widest range of available products; straightforward of the manufacturers warehouse itself.

track your product

and all the time you can track & trace your new acquired product at your smart phone or computer. We deliver next day, or at the preferred day of your choice. And in case we have your phone number, we give you 30min before arrival a wake-up call. This will prevent unnecessary waiting from your side or that you have to take a full day off.

environmentally friendly

our way of working is much more beneficial for the environment with less CO2 emissions because fewer transport movements are required. Upon your request we also return your old product safely at the same time.

who we are

xxlcare has been founded by 2 enthusiastic entrepreneurs André Maljaars and Wim Boevink. André stated on this: ‘we were convinced that the delivery of especially large products could be done smarter. For this we focus on r/etailers that are confronted with an explosive growth of logistic and stocking costs, due to the rapid increase of online sales. With xxlcare we help reduce costs and damages of sold XL-products, by direct delivery from the manufacturers warehouse to the consumer home. Everyone can track and trace the product online during the process’.